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Executive Job Change

Searching for a job can be challenging, and if you are a sitting executive in a confidential search mode, the level of stress can increase. We partner with you from beginning to end, and provide customized services depending on your situation and needs. Everything from getting organized and clear on your goals, strategy and plan, to campaign execution, to onboarding for success in a new role are components we provide. We work first at the strategic level, and then help you with tactical pieces such as your narrative and messaging, personal branding, resume and LinkedIn profile, networking skills and interview preparation, and reviewing executive compensation packages for your new role.

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Active Retirement

Retirement is something that happens and planning for it is critical. Not just financial planning, but life planning. It is likely that the career you have focused on has taken much of your time, so it is important to clarify the activities outside of work that you find meaningful and satisfying, before you leave your job. Some executives create a portfolio of paid and unpaid activities to stay engaged and connected in their next chapter. We encourage clients to include spouses or partners in the planning, to help ensure that your transition is smooth and your vision for your next phase is met.  

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Entrepreneurial Pursuit

Are you interested in becoming a consultant, launching a new business, buying a franchise, or some other entrepreneurial activity? We can help you determine if these pathways will be satisfying for you and help you navigate some of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. We have worked with numerous executives who have shifted from corporate careers to working for themselves. 

Board of Directors Seats

Interest in Board seats has increased in recent years, but not every executive is an appropriate candidate for a Board. Corporate and non-profit boards are different, and we can help you understand whether Board work is for you, clarify the type of Board that holds interest for you, and prepare you for a search for a Board position. 

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