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What people say about us!


"I had a fabulous experience with her. 
An incredible coach, mentor, sounding board."

— President, Financial Services Company, Boston, MA

"At a time of significant change, I had no idea how much I would come to value the time I spent with Sarah."

— SVP of Strategy, Health Insurance Company, Boston, MA

"Sarah took a holistic view and kept me focused on both my career objectives and what was the right balance with my personal life. She was always encouraging and available. I have an advisor and a friend for life."

— Chief HR Officer, U.S. Law Firm, Boston, MA

"My experience with Sarah was fantastic.
She is a great listener; she gave me advice at the right time and guided me well."

— Senior VP of Communications, Pharmaceutical Company, Cambridge, MA

"Sarah came prepared to be whatever I needed her to be. She was a partner, an ally, somebody who would push me when I needed pushing. Someone who would let me sit back and figure it out when I needed that. She did it seamlessly."

— Chief of Operations, National Restaurant Chain, Boston, MA

"Working with ChangePoint was fantastic. Sarah is a great partner, and she did a great job coaching me through the process."

— Chief Technology Officer, Global IT Services Company, Waltham, MA

"Words can't describe the positives and therapeutic experience. Sarah was there when I needed her. We had regular, weekly phone calls and she was available in-between. She never seemed like she was rushed, her attention was only on me. I couldn't have asked for a better coach."

— Chief Nursing Officer, Hospital System, Albany, NY

"Sarah took the time to get to know me as a person, what I enjoy doing, and what my background was. She kept me focused and I couldn’t be happier with my new role."

— Senior Vice President, Operations, Regional Bank, Worcester, MA

"Sarah is the ultimate professional and a truly stellar resource for executive job seekers. ChangePoint helped me set goals, understand my priorities, network, garner and evaluate opportunities, and make the right decisions about my career as I engaged with them on a confidential search. Sarah's guidance, support, unique understanding, and practical wisdom were invaluable, and led me to both a successful next step and a bright future trajectory. ChangePoint has my highest recommendation." 

— Chief Marketing Officer, Private University, Boston, MA

"Sarah O'Connell was most important to my successful transition. She was there when I was let go; she was the first person to let me know it was going to be okay and continued to reinforce this. She helped renew my confidence and energy to move forward. I would not be where I am today without her."

— Chief Nursing Officer, Hospital System, Boston, MA

"After twenty-three years at two high growth companies,
I wanted to go back to my roots in helping start-ups scale rapidly. Sarah was a strong thought partner as we created my search strategy inside and outside of my target companies and industries. My search was successful and my new opportunity is exciting and fulfilling. I would recommend Sarah to anyone that is in the midst of a transition and wants to consider new alternatives and new paths."

— Chief Technology Officer, Consumer Electronics Company, Boston, MA

Trusted by Executives from Leading Companies


ChangePoint Advisors provides expert guidance to senior executives who are in some sort of transition, whether it’s seeking a job, planning for an active retirement, exploring Board of Directors seats, or considering entrepreneurial activities.

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