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Planning Your Ideal Future Post-Retirement Or Sale Of Your Business: 5 Essential Steps

By Sarah Jordan

A successful plan for retirement—or life after full-time work—is like a three-legged stool. Many MSP business owners and entrepreneurs focus on just two of the legs, a financial plan and a healthcare plan, but neglect the third leg, a life plan.

As a result, the entire stool topples over, causing your retirement or life after full-time work to feel unfulfilling or lonely, according to Sarah Friedell O’Connell of ChangePoint Advisors, a consultancy for transitioning senior executives.

Business Handshake

Why Your Personal Brand Matters More Than Ever, with Sarah Friedell O’Connell

By Mac Prichard

If you’re a job seeker in the current market, you know how crowded that market is. Excellent references and a professional resume are no longer enough to get you the job you want. To stand out to an employer, you must be strategic about communicating your unique skillset, says Find Your Dream Job guest Sarah Friedell O’Connell. How do you do that? Sarah says you start by developing your personal brand. Get clarity on the positions you’re interested in and on the value you bring to a company.  

Scaling the Rocks

Be Brave at Work, with Sarah Friedell O’Connell

By Ed Evarts

Join us on Be Brave at Work as we speak with Sarah Friedell O’Connell, President of ChangePoint Advisors.


ChangePoint is a firm that provides guidance to senior executives who are in job transition, planning for an active retirement, or exploring board seats.

Sarah chats about her experiences and her clients' experiences navigating bravery in the workplace.

Smooth Landings

Smooth Landings
Retirement coaches help clients envision life after work.

By Sandra Shelley

Mary Blissard became a certified retirement coach after seeing the struggles of her fellow pilots, who’re required by the FAA to retire at age 65.

“You feel like you’re walking off a gangplank.


It’s so arbitrary,” says Blissard, a pilot for over 40 years, who later served as chair of the retirement and insurance committee for the D.C. counsel of the United Airlines pilots’ union.

A woman applaused by people in a room

Reflect on Your Success, with Sarah Friedell O’Connell

By Tammy Gooler Loeb

As the host of Work From the Inside Out it was my pleasure to interview Sarah Friedell O’Connell, an executive coach and the owner of ChangePoint Advisors, a firm dedicated to helping senior executives navigate career changes.


Sarah reflects on her own career path and her journey from corporate communications to owning her own business and coaching senior executives. 

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