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Retirement Readiness

Retirement just happens. Successful retirement requires a plan.

Change happens to all of us

How you prepare for and navigate change is what matters. ChangePoint Advisors is the premiere consultancy for senior executives at points of transition, helping them craft highly personalized plans for what is next, and pursue them with confidence and clarity. Whether you are planning for retirement, seeking a new executive role (confidentially or openly), considering a career change or entrepreneurial activity, or exploring Board of Directors positions, we can help.

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"Sarah came prepared to be whatever I needed her to be. She was a partner, an ally, somebody who would push me when I needed pushing. Someone who would let me sit back and figure it out when I needed that. She did it seamlessly."

— Chief of Operations, National Restaurant Chain, Boston, MA

"Sarah took a holistic view and kept me focused on both my career objectives and what was the right balance with my personal life.  She was always encouraging and available. I have an advisor and a friend for life."

— Chief HR Officer, U.S. Law Firm, Boston, MA

"Words can't describe the positives and therapeutic experience. Sarah was there when I needed her. We had regular, weekly phone calls and she was available in-between. She never seemed like she was rushed, her attention was only on me. I couldn't have asked for a better coach."

— Chief Nursing Officer, Hospital System, Albany, NY

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